Dr. DiLallo helped me get back on my feet and running again! I have been training for the Jacksonville marathon and my achilles tendon has been paying the price. His knowledge of the anatomy and functionality of the body is incredible. He is helping me undo years of damage. Not only do I feel better immediately after treatment, I feel better for days-to-weeks after just one session. He also teaches me self-treatment so I can help myself stay healthy!

- Marcus


Dr. Seitter, and Dr. DiLallo have truly improved my quality of life and given the opportunity, they are capable of improving Every Body they treat.
*A little history, after a car accident a few+ years ago, a few visits to the ER, many pharmaceuticals, physical therapy, and epidural treatments, I hit a crossroads.
The doctors coordinating my line of treatment told me, it's time to be more aggressive. Whenever I've heard those words uttered by an M.D. I knew they meant, it's time for surgery. After conversing with the doctor for an entire 10 minutes, she sent me to a neurologist. Surprisingly, the neurologist spoke with me for almost an hour, and wasn't convinced I needed surgery. He handed me some information along with my films/CDs and told me, there are a few other routes I should look into before making a decision. One of the routes he suggested was a more specialized line of physical therapy.
During my initial visit with Dr. Seitter, I asked her to review ALL of the medical information that I collected, which included everything from, and before, the car accident occurred. After a lengthy, detailed discussion with Dr. Seitter, she validated my concerns regarding undergoing Cervical Spinal Fusion Surgery. Her knowledge helped me arrive at the decision, surgery was Not my best option.
Today, after practicing yoga and receiving regular adjustments, ART, and Graston treatments, in addition to an exercise regimen courtesy of Dr. DiLallo, & Dr. Seitter, my entire body is functioning more efficiently. Due to their expertise, and the time they spend with me to fully understand what my body has to tell them; the numbness in my left arm, hand, and fingers hasn't returned, nor has any of the other debilitating aches & pains. It's been over 4 years since my last visit to the ER.
Thanks to Dr. Seitter, and Dr. DiLallo, I am fully aware of the fact my body will Always require extra care because of the damage that occurred as a result of the car accident. I find solace in learning from intelligent, well educated, knowledgeable persons.
Dr. Seitter, and Dr. DiLallo have truly improved my quality of life and given the opportunity, they are capable of improving Every Body they treat.

- Tiffiney RaNae


Performance and Wellness Chiropractic may be fairly new but lets get one thing straight. The amount of knowledge and skill these two amazing Doctor's possess can and will compete with the best around. There is no doubt in my mind that I would make sure to refer anyone in the area directly to them because I know these Doctor's will give a patient the same amazing care as if they belonged to their own families.

- Tyler Todd


Dr. Addison is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and helped me to understand the inner- workings of my neck and spine. Her tools and adjustments are really helping my chronic neck and upper-back pain. Thank you- it makes a big difference for me!

- Julia Lembcke


Dr. DiLallo is a phenomenal chiropractor and performance coach. His extensive background and knowledge gives him the expertise to help any of his athletes and patients to achieve their goals! You want to be a part of this team!

- Antonio Gurule



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